Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book!

I get so excited about the strangest things, but being in the new Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book really tops my charts!

"Volume 4 of the Doodlers Anonymous coloring book features the doodles and drawings of 60 artists from around the globe - some fresh novices, others seasoned veterans, all of whom share a love for the hand-drawn.

The artwork is playful, beautiful and inspiring - not something off the shelf. So treat yourself, your family, and your faves to a little bit of happy!"

 This crazy animated gif features a few of the images from the new book. If you stare really hard at it, you can catch a glimpse of my art! It's a mandala-ish sort of thing made up of plant pods... no, really, it's cool!! Even Lilah likes it. And it will be very fun to color.

If you pre-order it now, CLICK HERE, you can save $3 off the regular price. The three previous coloring books are also really nice.

If you are thinking of giving this as a Christmas gift, I suggest including a set of Staedtler fine tip coloring pens. I have just recently gotten addicted to these and was freaked to discover that there is not only a gorgeous set of 20, but also two additional sets with pastels and forest colors. The images in these coloring books have very fine details, so I think these pens - with the books - would be Doodle Nirvana!

Here are some Amazon links for the pens:

And, yes, you can create tangles in color with these pens too!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Tangles of Kells - Now in the Physical World!

I wanted to tell you about my new BOOK! I added a new cover and some new art to the e-book and had it printed on very nice paper and - voila!! - The Tangles of Kells is now available as a BOOK!

I sold pre-release copies to the ladies at Bette Abdu's CZT Retreat a few weeks ago and then I gave copies to my attendees at this past weekend's, ART SWARM. (Yes, I know, I need to do a blog post about the Swarm - it was fabulous!)

While I was procrastin-... ahem... trying to get it listed on my Etsy shop - I saw that it was already having an impact on a fellow SWARMer. Jacque was posting it's effects on her family on Facebook and I asked if I could re-post here:

And here is proof that her boys enjoyed the book...

It got them drawing!

And it got Jacque drawing too!
Stunning white on black...

...and more tradtional black on white..

I think these may be Jacque's first tangles? (Welcome to the rabbit hole!)

I love ebooks and the chance they give to try out a subject without a huge investment. It also makes it really easy to get my books into International tanglers' hands! If you love ebooks, The Tangles of Kells is still available as a downloadable PDF, HERE.

The (NEW!!) printed version is available as a Limited Edition book - signed, with three special postcards, and two Bijou tiles in a pocket inside the front cover. (Get it HERE).

And the regular version of the (NEW!!) Tangles of Kells is available HERE.

Lastly, if you are a CZT, or a teacher, or another person who needs large quantities of Zentangle related books, you can get quantities of ten or more Kells books at wholesale, HERE.

I am very excited to have piles and piles of the new books!! There is something so satisfying about seeing your work in print. But now I need to get these books into YOUR hands. I hope that you will enjoy it and be inspired to make beautiful work of your own. And please share what you are working on on my Facebook Page!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's That Bauble Tree Time of Year

I received the following email this weekend:

Dear Ms Bartholomew,
I have to thank you again. I recently had the pleasure of purchasing your book "The Bauble Tree" in your Etsy shop. I have since written a short blog post about it at http://www.stxradley.blogspot.com  The book was so quick and easy to print out and I love it so much. My 6 year old loved it as much as I for she quickly absconded with it and sat down to draw. You inspired her yet again with the Lilah beans and the tree. I was lucky to get a look at the book after I put it together. Haha. But thank you again for all your efforts and your books that you produce. I know you are a very busy lady and I admire both your work and your simple instructions. These books have been tools for myself as well as our craft program at camp. I look forward to seeing what is next.
Chelsea Radley

I was so blown away by the blog post... and then a second post, that I begged for permission to re-post it here. I edited a little, so if you would like to see the complete posts, just click the titles for either and they will get you there.
Posted: 07 Nov 2014 09:06 AM PST
Hello and welcome to another sporatic installment. I recently purchased the printable book "The Bauble Tree" from Sandy Steen Bartholomew's Etsy shop. It was an instant download so I was able to print right away. 

Following her suggested directions I created a book out of the printout and even added a cardstock cover. 

I folded the pages in half ...


 and glued the back edges together. 

Look at my little munchkin. No sooner did I print and glue than the book was stolen from me! Yes, stolen I say! Because as soon as she got her hands on it she proceeded to draw "bauble" to her heart's content. 

Copying the ideas in the book, Cali sat down and immediately drew her own tree and accompanying tangles. 

She was very intent on her work. And who isn't? Honestly it was a joy to watch her stretch her creative muscles. I fancy that Ms. Bartholomew's daughter and mine would get along quite well when it comes to tangling.

Cali even cut it out and asked for a string to hang it up like an ornament. Seeing as it is not yet Christmas, I headed outside for this shot on our neighboring pine tree. I think her tangled ornament came out quite well! Now if only I could get the chance to play with the book myself. *sigh*

Posted: 08 Nov 2014 03:32 PM PST
Ah, yes. So I finally got hold of the book "The Bauble Tree" and was able to try my hand at this tangle. What resulted was a lot of fun experimentation.

My first attempt was this little card. I colored on with metallic colored pencil. But I thought to myself, can I do more? 

Yes! I did! And I absolute love this little card! 

So how could I make this even better? Well, color it in of course. Thankfully, my color printer did a fantastic job so I just had to cut and fold my papers. I now have over 40 of these little cards to send out this Christmas. I don't think I have ever had Christmas cards ready this fast! 

And my daughter even sat down to tangle and color yet again. What do you think of her version? 

For the third installment in this series, in which Chelsea creates all of her Christmas cards, in November - and under the influence of the Lilah Beans...
click this link to read all those details...

More Ebooks and Tangle Cards

And here are some quick previews of the adorable cards which are available on Chelsea's Etsy shop.

If you would like to get your own copy of The Bauble Tree ebook, come on over to my Bumblebat Etsy shop. This is the perfect time of year for Baubles!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Journal Pages

Week 39 - In the City

This prompt was so much fun! Since I don't live in a city, I was free to imagine whatever kind of buildings I liked. I started with my tangle CUdad and built the buildings UP from there... bigger and bigger! I used a Sharpie Pen and tried really hard to stick to just clean lines. I entered this piece in the Doodler's Anonymous Coloring Book contest!

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

I often feel torn between the very simple coloring book drawings... and going all out with color and shading. So when I saw the theme for the next week - "Experiment"...  I thought I'd submit my city in B&W and maybe experiment with color on it for the next assignment.

Week 40 - Experiment

And here are my Experiments!

First - lots and lots of shading (with gray Tombow markers).... to see if I could create some depth.
© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

... and then color on top of the gray (with more Tombow markers)...

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

My favorite part is the little park on the roof.

Week 41 - Mosaic Inspired
I glued down a piece of an Asian newspaper that had been used as packing in a box. Then I drew the mosaic tangle, Man-o-man, all over it with a Uni-Pin pen, and added some white (GellyRoll pen) and gray Pitt brush marker). This one took quite a while to do!

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 42 - Magic

An old book, tissue paper, gesso, markers, paint pen, Inktense pencil, ballpoint pen... kind of a stew of everything sitting on the desk! I scanned the piece into Photoshop and removed the harsh seam down the middle. I transferred the finished art, using Sheer Heaven, to a piece of Bristol, and I hope to do some more work on that... (after the Art Swarm is over!)

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 43 - Stencil It!

Colorbox pigment ink pads, Prismacolor pencils, Crafter's Workshop bees and hive stencil, Dreamweaver honeycomb stencil, black 12x12 paper. 

This one was almost relaxing... easy... after the last few prompts! It was nice to use someone else's art as the basis for a page. Just color and play. Aaaahhhh... But looking at it now - I can't help seeing the beehive as a stack of pancakes or cookies!? I think I may need a snack...

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ooooo! I'm in!

I'm so excited!!! I just found out that my art was accepted for the Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book - Volume 4!! I don't know which of two pieces was accepted (or both?!) but it is such an honor. I own the first three volumes and the art is amazing.

I also have a journal piece coming out in the second issue of Mabel Magazine (in November). This is a beautiful new magazine... the tagline is "Making a Living • Creating a Life". And the description on their site sums it up so nicely:

"Mabel is a print magazine that is here to tell real stories about making a living and creating a life.
At Mabel, we’ll be talking about the different ways we support ourselves in the world—
stories from entrepreneurs, artists and small biz owners about how they’ve gotten where they are—
it’s not always pretty, it’s not always tidy, but it’s always beautifully real . . .  please join us!"

They are on Facebook too.

Does it seem just a little ironic to be accepted into a doodle coloring book and an elegant magazine at the same time? I don't think that I will ever figure out what my "market" or who my "audience" is.
I just love to draw stuff.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tangle of the Week - Nebel (take 2)

I recently received this email:

Hi Sandy,
I have the yoga for your brain tangle cards. Right now I'm trying to do "Nebel" and having a hard time with the beginning steps. I was wondering if you could do more of a step out for me. I just can't seem to get it right.

I'd appreciate it and enjoy reading all your newsletters.



I forwarded the request to my Minion, Bonnie, and she said she couldn't do that one either. That made me think that there might be quite a few people who don't "get it."

OK - I actually needed an excuse to use my new video setup! Ian, my fabulous App guy, had sent me a very cool grippy-bendy-tripod and instructions on how to film myself drawing tangles really fast... all using just my iphone. (Thanks again Ian!) It would be much faster and easier than drawing and posting step-outs.

(Click here to watch this video on YouTube.)

I have found it easier to draw Nebel if you turn the tile as you work and start by drawing all the center lines, horizontally and vertically. It starts out looking like a slightly wonky Cadent!

Hope this video helps!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Mural's Second Life

We had gorgeous, if really-chilly, weather for the Fall Foliage Festival. I couldn't feel my fingers as they gripped the paint markers to work on the new mural. There were only gawkers and peekers at first... I'd hear them whispering "what is she doing?" and as soon as I'd turn to smile, they'd run off.

But once I had snagged my first, brave soul, others came closer and closer and when they realized that they too could put their mark on the wall, I had plenty of eager hands reaching for markers!

Before I forget - I want to thank everyone who donated to the mural!! See if you can spot your requested images and names on the mural! (Like "Where's Waldo?!") You all financed the sanding and repainting of the old mural, and purchased our new Molotow professional graffitti markers. And, no, I don't think that "Professional Graffitti" markers is an oxymoron. ;-)


I divided the scenes with the left panel as an Ocean theme and right panel with a Forest theme. I explained that to every person and said to sign their names on the border. The one rule was "No scribbling!" I still spent over an hour on Sunday morning painting out the scribbles and plethora of names tagging the artwork. I left the narwhal in the tree... flooding? And the school of fish on the side of the mountain... rock paintings?

Doing a community mural is an exercise in patience and, like Zentangle, involves lots of deep breathing and a constant repetition of "let it go" and "that's just fine" and "it's all good" and "I can always paint over that later..." ;-)

 I heard from one of the dad's - that drawing on the mural was his kids' favorite event of the weekend! And that's with competition like Tilt-a-Whirl rides and fried dough! Yeah for Art!!

Laurie, Debbee and I did a bit more work on it the mural this past weekend. I'm still hoping I can get another tree painted and some blue water to help the sea creatures stand out a bit more. We'll have to wait and see what the weather does in the next few weeks.


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